Is your business sick?

Let me explain.

If Email & SMS aren't at least 20-30% of your
current revenue:

Your business is sick.

Do these symptoms sound familiar?

Feeling slow

Your messaging takes ages to write, resulting in a sluggish brand voice and underperforming ads.

Scratchy voice

Your brand voice is inconsistent and lacks the X-factor that separates memorable from unforgettable.

Low performance

Your emails and texts don't convert. Your ads are
hit-or-miss. Or, in serious cases... just misses.
Heartbreaking condition.

Your diagnosis is in.

You suffer from a terminal case of


Enter Dr. Orbis:

Lightning-fast copy

Writing quickly without compromising expert quality allows for as many revisions as it takes for emails that convert and ads that capture.

Extensive market research and careful integration of your vision enables your brand voice to be exactly what you imagine it could be.

Your copy is YOU.


By 'performance' we mean money.
Orbis Copy gets you paid.

Your prescription

Let me rip your copy

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